The Go Freelance permit was launched before the summer by Tekom Group under the umbrella of DCCA (Dubai Creative Clusters Authority). Like the regular Freelance license, it is a sole practitioner structure and the permit is issued under the legal name of the applicant. Under both packages, you can apply for a residence visa.

However, the Go Freelance package costs AED 7,500.00* (approx.. USD 2,042.00) to which you must add AED 1,870.00* (approx.USD 509.00) for the establishment card. The total annual cost is AED 9,370.00*( approx.USD 2,551.00). This includes 24h access to the business centre. There are no additional costs incurred by a mandatory lease package and its security deposit!

As result, more people can have access to this product and enjoy greater visibility and interactions with the labour market. The Go Freelance permit lends legitimacy to the freelancer. The process is straightforward and rapid. To date, there is no obligation to file audited annual financial reports.

One condition: the Go Freelance permit is currently only available in Media City and Knowledge Village with 5 activities permitted under the latter. The Go Freelance permit under Media City offers a wider panel of possible activities.

More information can be found on the DCCA website Your new business venture is just one click away…

*Prices do not include the 5% VAT and can be subject to change